1997 Super Bowl Reflections

By Leo Blackburn

Here's to the Packers of Old Green Bay!
Another SuperBowl they've won!! Hooray!
Numbers One and Two and Thirty-one,
All three with Class - 3 jobs well done!

But here in Portsmouth, O-H-I-O
Old Timers think of long ago,
When our Great Spartans took the field,
And to the best teams would not yield.

Our greatest job in those old days
Were those great Spartans' winning ways;
They were the Heroes of the town;
They brought this area great renown.

Their greatest rival was Green Bay,
And some of us to this late day,
Remember well that fateful game
When to River City the Packers came.

December Four in Thirty-two -
A date that signals derring do, -
Then Portsmouth had a "bone to pick,"
For old Green Bay we had to lick.

That Game! - - The likes will ne'r be seen!
Our valiant Spartans smashed the Green
With just eleven warriors strong.
Revenge was sweet.  Right won oe'r Wrong!

Our Spartans struggled hard that day,
And 19 points finally came our way;
While old Green Bay a goose egg laid.
Yes!!!  T'was the Greatest Game e'er Played!

Had Portsmouth kept the Spartans here
For us perhaps the world would cheer
As now it does for Old Green Bay.
Alas!  Those years we can't replay!

And like the "rose of yesteryear,"
For Portsmouth, one must shed a tear;
Our Spartans to the Lions Den!?!
Oh, those sad words, "It might have been."





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