Spartans Won Opening Game Sunday, 14 - 0

Portsmouth Pros Defeat Brooklyn Dodgers, With "Stumpy" Thomason at Universal Stadium Before Crowd of 6,000.

By Charles Krell News Sports Editor

PORTSMOUTH, O., Universal Stadium, Sept. 13- Six thousand fans sweltered in the blistering sun here this afternoon and liked it, as they watched the Spartans, the new edition of Potsy Clark, open their National Professional League season with a victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers, 14 to 0.

Scoring twice in the second quarter, the "Purple Herd" shattered the record of six consecutive victories established by Brooklyn, carried over from last season.

Though looking ragged in spots, the Spartans showed well in their first contest of the year, and in addition to displaying enough punch to chalk up the victory, they were successful in holding the visitors in the pinches.

Portsmouth scored their first touchdown soon after the second quarter opened, Swartz of Washington State, going over the line for the initial tally.

As the second quarter opened, Portsmouth held the ball on Brooklyn's 31-yard line with first down. Tony Holm, former Alabama All-American, cracked the line for a short gain, and then passed to Glenn Presnell, Nebraska All-American ace and former star of the Ironton Tanks, for a gain of 14 yards. Holm fumbled on the next play, and Brooklyn recovered. Two plays failed to net the Dodgers and yardage, and they punted out to Presnell, who returned the ball to Brooklyn's 30-yard line, behind pretty interference. At this juncture Coach Clark made some substitutions, including Swartz. A pile-driving line attack featuring Swartz, carried the ball to the three-yard line from where Swartz plunged over. Clark executed a drop-kick for the extra point.

In just a few more plays, Portsmouth had another touchdown, aided by a break. The Spartans kicked off to Brooklyn, the ball going to the goal line. "Stumpy" Thomason hit the line, and then Mooney punted out. Portsmouth off-side on the play, and the Brooklyn captain chose to take the penalty. Thomason tried the line again with a slight gain, and then Mooney punted. Louie Long and Emerson blocked the kick, and Long fell on it over the goal line for the second touchdown of the quarter. Clark drop-kicked again for the final score.

Presnell, Tony Holm, and Swartz were the big three in the backfield drive of the afternoon, with Mitchell, Randolph and Emerson standing out in the line play. Wager and Hastings, former Tank players, broke in the game and gave a very creditable account of themselves. Gene Alford, who scored the winning touchdown when the Tanks defeated the New York Giants last year, featured his brief appearance on the grid, by snagging a long forward pass for a gain of thirty yards.

"Stumpy" Thomason, who roamed the chalk lines in stellar fashion at Georgia Tech, was the outstanding star of the Dodgers, making many gains, and carrying the bulk of the only offensive drive which Brooklyn displayed.

Joe Carr, president of the National League, was a spectator at the game and was introduced to the fans.

The Lineup:

Portsmouth Pos Brooklyn
Mitchell LE Stramiello
Douds LT Lubratovich
Bodenger LG Fulton
Randolph C Bultman
Wager RG Gibson
Christenson RT Watkins
Ebding RE Tomaine
Presnell QB Yablok
Lumpkin LH H. Thomason
Shelley RH Hanson
McClain FB McBride


Portsmouth -------------------------- 0 14 0 0 - 14

Cardinals----------------------------- 0 0 0 0 - 0

Referee- Karch, Ohio State. Umpire- Al Dudley, Dayton. Head Linesman- Thomas, W. and L.

Touchdowns- Swartz, Long. Points After Touchdown- Clark, 2.

Subs- PORTSMOUTH, Holm for McClain; McKalipp for Mitchell; Emerson for Wager; Lonf for Ebding; Stenett, Armstrong, Swartz and Roberts for Shelley, Douds, Holnm, Bodenger, Schleusner for Christiansen, Miller for Randolph; Cavosie for Lumpkin; Waters for Armstrong; Kahl for Cavosie, Long for Ebding; Clark for Presnell; Alford for Shelley; Hastings for Schleusner. BROOKLYN- Mooney for Watkins, Nemeck for Tomaine; Jonas for Josen; Dowler for Thomason; Bultman for Mooney; Lubratovich, Mizell for McBride.

Source: Ironton News September 14, 1931