Presnell Heads New Comers To Portsmouth

Portsmouth Spartans to Open Season on September 13th.
Schedule Includes Eight Home Games.

PORTSMOUTH, O., Aug. 23- Talk of the Portsmouth Spartan's "next season's" prospects in the National Professional Football Association has changed to "this season's" outlook with the arrival of George "Potsy" Clark, on whose shoulders rests the hope of local fandom for an upper berth's in the league's won and loss column.

Newcomers this season will include Glenn Presnell, formerly of the Tanks, an All-American half-back from Nebraska; Elmer Schwartz, last year's fullback and captain of Washington State College, Pacific Coast Champions; "Tony" Holm, 1929 All-American fullback of the University of Alabama; "Dutch" Clark, quarterback, second All-American team choice from Colorado College and Dexter Shelley, captain of Texas in 1930, who was picked on several All-American teams.

The schedule lists more home games this year than last and the Spartans have seldom been downed in their own back yard. The season opens officially Sunday, Sept. 13, at 3 p.m., when the Spartans meet Brooklyn at Portsmouth. The complete schedule follows:

Sept. 13 (afternoon) - Brooklyn Dodgers (here)
Sept. 23 (night) - Chicago Cardinals (here)
Sept. 30 (night) - N.Y. Giants (here)
Oct. 7 (night) - Cleveland Bulldogs (here)
Oct. 14 (night) - Philadelphia Yellow Jackets (here)
Oct. 18 - Brooklyn Dodgers (there)
Oct. 25 - Staten Island (there)
Oct. 31 - Philly Yellow Jackets (there)
Nov. 1 - N.Y. Giants (there)
Nov. 8 - Chicago Bears (there)
Nov. 11 - (night) Staten Island (here)
Nov. 15 - Open Nov. 22 - Chi. Cardinals (there)
Nov. 29 (afternoon) - Chi. Bears (here)
Dec. 6 - Cleve. Bulldogs (there)
Dec. 13 (afternoon) - Green Bay Packers (here)

Source: Ironton News August 24, 1931