The Spartans Are Jubilant In Obtaining
Glenn Presnell

Portsmouth National Leaguers Sign Presnell, Tank Star, Saturday,
and Say Their Club Will Benefit In a Big Way.

Glenn Presnell, who has thrilled tri-state football lovers and Ironton fans in particular for the last three years and his spectacular runs, his off tackle smashes and his line plunges, has signed a Spartan contract. It was received by the club owners Saturday morning.

It means that Presnell, one of the greatest football players of all time, is going to parade his gridiron skill in the National league this season flying the Spartan colors. He had been dickering with the Spartan club for several days and while the owners were confident that Presnell would sign they didn't give vent to their exuberance until the signature-bearing document arrived and had been placed safely in the club's archives.

In casting his football lot with the Spartans, Presnell will report with the rest of the players on Sept. 1, and will be a full time Spartan player.

There isn't a thing any football player can do that Presnell can't do and he does things no other players ever attempt. He is 5.11, tips the beam at 205 and once in the open he is mighty hard to bring down as he runs artfully and is almost uncanny in shaking off and evading would-be tacklers.

As Quarterback

Before returning to his home in Indianapolis, Coach Potsy Clark said that if Presnell were signed he would use him as a quarterback and safety men. This means that he will call signals and will alternate with Lumpkin. Presnell should add inestimable strength to the defense and offense of the Spartans. He is a great passer, kicks splendidly and is quick to pick out the weaknesses of his opponents. During the Tank-New York Giants game in Cincinnati, last year, Presnell outpassed Benny Friedman at his own game and Cincinnati critics readily hailed the Tank star one of the greatest oval-tossers of all times. Presnell tosses 'em from all angles. He doesn't have to be guarded any too well as he is quick to get the ball away and knows just where it is going. He should forward pass the Spartans into a lot of yardage this season, a department of the game in which the local team was lamentably weak last year.

'Twas Cap Sheaf

Football fandom not only in Portsmouth but throughout the entire valley will be pleased to learn that they will not have to travel many miles to see Presnell in action and with a team that should write its name deeply in football history this fall. The Spartans have acquired a lot of material, but in signing Presnell it is a cap sheaf both from a player's standpoint and from a box office viewpoint. Ironton fans will turn out to root for Presnell. They love the good-natured light-hearted ball-toter and are happy in the thought that if they can't see him perform on their own turf they'll only have to travel a few miles to see their favorite in action with other outstanding grid players.

Star At Nebraska

Presnell made an enviable reputation during his collegiate career at Nebraska. After leaving school there he joined the Tanks as a player in 1928. He coached the team in 1930 and returned to playing last year when the Tanks polished off three National league teams, Portsmouth New York Giants, and Chicago Bears.

When at Nebraska, Presnell made all the mythical teams in that section and was captain of Walter Eckersall's All-Western eleven. He should add the spark to the Spartan machine to lift it far above the sphere of mediocrity, where it floundered around considerably last year.

Source: Ironton News August 3, 1931


It is clear that the sports writer meant 1929 since the Tanks last season was 1930. Presnell was player-coach in 1929 and an injury kept him on the sidelines for much of the season. In 1930, Greasy Neale served as the head coach of the Tanks.