Spartans Will Offer Glenn Presnell
Two Contracts

Portsmouth Pros Ask Tank Star To Play With Them During Coming Season. One Contract Calls For First Five Games at Home and the Other For Entire New Season.

The Portsmouth Times last night carried a story which will prove interesting to local friends and followers of one of the greatest football players that ever pressed a cleated shoe on the gridiron in these parts, and any other parts, for that matter.

The article concerns Glenn Presnell, of the Tanks. We'll let you read for yourself. The article carried in the Times is as follows:

Glenn Presnell, widely known Ironton Tanks football player, has just been offered a contract to play with the Spartans this season, providing of course that the Tanks fail to organize.

A contract was mailed to Presnell Monday afternoon by the Spartan management. The grid star is visiting his home folks in Lincoln, Neb., and he will receive the contract while there. He will receive two propositions, one to play the first five games the Spartans have at home, if he can't leave his coaching duties at Russell, Ky., and one for the whole season, if he finds he can join the team for the entire schedule. Presnell in addition to adding a lot of strength to the Spartan backfield, would prove to be a great drawing card in all of the up-river cities.

He is an all around football player and there are thousands of fans in Portsmouth, who would be delighted immeasurably to learn that he would appear in a Spartan garb this fall and tote the leather for Portsmouth instead of against it as he has done since leaving a great record out at Lincoln, Neb., where as a member of the University of Nebraska eleven he made football record for three years.

Source: Ironton News July 22, 1931